Welcome from the Kliers!

Well the first thing for those of you who don't know us. Klier in a Czech name from Jim's dad. Both of the grand parents on dads side came from the Czech republic. They pronounced Klier "Clear". The rest of our heritage on both sides is pretty typical English, Scotch, Irish Both Darcy and my families came over to the United States early and migrated to Ohio early in the 1800's. My family farmed in SE Ohio, Harrison County.  When their farms were taken to build Tappan Lake they moved to Lorain to run their furniture moving business. Darcy's family on both mom and dad's side came to the Lorain county area to farm. In fact the farm Darcy dad and brother operate is now a century farm that is in the 4th generation, with the 5th and now 6th generation being primed to continue on the farming tradition. We are a ways behind but hope to be instilling a love of the land and livestock in our 2nd and 3rd generations as we speak!