Livestock moving adventure.

Saturday Ben & I had to move a cow and calf with the trailer. We’ve done this lots of times and feel we know how to calmly handle cattle. Ben backed the trailer up to the gate of the paddock and I opened the swinging trailer door. Usually we set a tread in post beside it to keep it from swinging into the electric fence. That morning the post had been left out of the truck. I thought it would be okay. Confident the door would not swing and we would have the cow loaded in minutes, I got the calf and set it in the front to the trailer. Ben brought the cow right behind. All went as planned until the cow investigated with her nose. She smelled the steel trailer door, causing it to move over a few inches and make contact with the electric fence. She got well fried and took off running to the far side of the paddock. Ben and I tried until we were mostly worn out, but no matter what we did she wasn’t going near the “Red trailer of death!” I called Darcy to bring halters, one for the calf the other for the cow. After about 2 hours I basically dove and grabbed around her neck with one arm using the other to put on the halter while Darcy and Ben were being knocked in all directions by our now possessed cow. I held on tight to the halter making  her go in circles. Keeping Grandpa Sheffield's cattle leading instructions ringing in my ears, “Be the post, kids, be the post!!” I guess it worked as she didn’t get away and no one was hurt. We got her loaded and moved to the new paddock where she seems completely happy. We had to move a 600+ lb. sow for butchering and another to the farrowing pen later in the day. Both of those were easy comparatively!