Aftermath of my speaking opportunity

Had a nice time at the Weston Price meeting last night. It was held in Medina at a health food store/ Chiropractors office NE of town on rt. 3/ Weymouth rd. They talked about the benefits of raw milk and Kefir. I have grown to like Kefir, but didn’t know it’s history and many benefits. If you have digestive issues I strongly recommend it. Pretty neat stuff and you can make it at home. After the Dr. spoke he had me come up and tell about our farm and herd share. It went well and there were a good amount of questions. Ben had assembled a slide show of cows and pigs pics so I had that to show. Most folks seemed to want to look at the pics as appose to listen to any thing I had to say. If any of you were wondering I got through it with out fainting or having to run to the bathroom!