I have mentioned our financial woes, perhaps too often! We just aren't grossing enough to cover all our overhead. No business can survive long term with this being a description of its condition. Something has too give. We have to be careful about expenses but excess spending is not our problem. Plain and simple, we are not making enough money!!! Currently our cows are just not producing enough milk. Lack of milk production in mammals is an indication of something. In our case it is a lack of energy. Cattle diets are complex but basically they need protein and energy. Salt, vitamin, minerals, fiber, etc. are very important but you have to meet the big two first to get the others to work. We are getting all but the energy. This is always a problem on grass. As our pastures improve the sugar content of the plants will increase, and this will help a lot. It is also probable that our cattle, through selection, will become better converters of forages to milk. However, it is likely  we will have to feed supplemental high energy grasses for some time while we try to make improvements in the other areas.