More about the future.

I am going to strive to post three blogs every week. They will focus on our farm, its history & future, our family, and the state of agriculture we find ourselves in. I hope you enjoy reading them. I really desire your feed back.

We are doing a survey of all of our herd share members and regular customers. We are hoping to get an idea of just what you folks are interested in us producing and about how much you my be consuming. I keep bringing up money but it really does come down to that. It's fine that we enjoy the work, that we think it a wonderful way to raise a family, that you enjoy the products, that our animals are humanly cared for, that we are building our soil better and better each year, and that, as far as we know, we are not offending our neighbors. This is all really good stuff, but if we can't pay the light bill and our mortgage then it means very little! We have to figure a way to pay all our over head, our mortgage, our taxes, upkeep of our facilities, our living expenses, and leave something that we can put in saving for the future. So far we are not there, but we believe we can get there. This survey will really help. If you are not a customer or you know someone else who might like our products please use our contact information.