Family hobby farm since 1979

Having been on our farm since 1979, we have always prided ourselves for our fresh organic brown eggs.  We would like to share that pride of quality and freshness with you, our extended family.  Our produce is sourced from local farmers providing quality produce at competitive pricing.  We only sell produce that is available fresh and in season.  There is no compromise to quality and freshness.



Greener Pasture Farm is a small scale family farm. Supplying organic eggs and farm fresh produce is our passion and our ability to please our customers with high quality product and service is our pleasure. Competitive pricing & delivery to your business and/or home.

You are also welcome to arrange order pick up at our farm by simply contacting us and making prior arrangements.

We are planning to also sell our organic eggs and farm fresh produce at vending stations, locations and date/time availability will be periodically posted in our "Greener Pasture Farm" Facebook page and/or website.

Our produce is sourced by local farmers and always picked fresh and provided to our customers while the fruits/vegetables are in season.  There is no compromise to quality and freshness.  


All our chickens are organically fed, no hormones, no chemicals and GMO free.  The results are shown in the quality of our eggs.